Global Sports Innovation (GSI) is excited to present Velocity Bands. V- Bands are the "NEW EDGE" for functional Sports training. While first invented for basketball training, the inventor questioned whether the improvements he was getting with his basketball clients (hand & foot speeds), would transfer to other sports.  He was elated to find out that every sport he piloted was showing results in as little as 3 weeks.   Even though it seems like a simple concept, very few people realize how important functional hand speed improvement is vital to just about every sport.

How are V-Bands Different from  your traditional wrist weights?

Very Simple! Our Patented design includes a weighted gel with iron chips. Other products include sand which can be bulky on the hand and tend to seap through traditional wrist sleeves.  Also, V-Bands uses a material that doesn't cause slipping on the skin.  Lastly, it has the patented curve design which will not impede the functional sports movements encountering the wrist or ankle. 

Size Recommendations

Elementary:   1lb Sets
Late Middle - High School:   2lb Sets
Elite:    3lb Sets. It is not recommended to start with 3lb Sets until 2lb have been mastered.

Warning: V-Bands will increase your heart rate and body systems.  Please consult your physician before use .